Sunday Getaway


(Private Club)

*Guest fees, leaders lunch, fitness activities and children's activities are complimentary - covered by YC Alumni.

One of our top priorities, as YCombinator alumni, is continuing to build and strengthening our relationships. Most of our powerful strategic partnerships have originated from simple conversations among ourselves. In order to foster this magical serendipity, we created our monthly getaway for all alumni leaders. 


This getaway is designed for our alumni leaders and their families. It's relaxed and very informal, the only scheduled activity is lunch at 1:30PM and our families can join us if interested for lunch as well. Although children and partners can enjoy any of the activities below and eat at any of the various restaurants. 

Anyone who wants to arrive early and/or stay after lunch to enjoy the club's amenities/activities is welcome to do so. 


Dress Code: none - relaxed. Adults and children are encouraged to bring bathing suits to enjoy the summer in Carmel Valley in the pool or hot tub. 

Upcoming Date: May 23rd

Optional Activities with fellow YC Alumni Leaders

10AM - Tennis with YC Alumni Leaders

12:00PM - Friendly Hike with YC Alumni Leaders (30-minutes) 

3:30PM - Pool/Hot Tub

Other Optional Club Activities (please confirm to book your spot)

10AM - Spinning Class (50-minutes)

10AM - Hilltop Yoga (90-minutes)

11AM - Hatha Yoga

SPA appointments can be booked by calling 831-626-2586

Carmel Valley Ranch Activities