Ricardo Garcia-Amaya

Founder & CEO, VOIQ 

Ricardo is the founder & CEO of VOIQ. His company raised $5 Million from YCombinator and other top Silicon Valley investors. VOIQ is leading the $150B transformation from humans to conversational AI VoiceBots for the Enterprise.

Ricardo is a Y Combinator alumn & founder of the YCombinator Alumni Group ($100B in aggregate valuations). He was recently recognized as a Silicon Valley Top Diverse Tech 40 Under 40. He also founded the group of the Top American Latinx Tech Leaders ($16B in founder exits & $120B AUM). 

Ricardo has an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business, and an undergraduate degree in Politics from NYU. Ricardo is an Aspen Institute Tech Fellow, a Consortium Fellow, a Management Leaders for Tomorrow (MLT) Fellow, and a Council of Urban Professionals Fellow.

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Blake Sholl.jpeg

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$194M Raised

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$120M Raised & IPO - NASDAQ: LHDX

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Liana Herrera

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